About La Maison D'or

A Family Business

La Maison D'or is a family business that has served the Ottawa area for over 60 years and recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary at its Place d'Orleans location.

  • Our Family's Original Hawkesbury Store

Store owner, Brent Harden, takes great pride in his staff and the quality of his products. That is why every year he travels the world to bring back exciting new products and the very best diamonds at the best prices.

Accredited Staff

All our staff take continuous training in the art and science of diamonds and jewellery. As members of the American Gem Society, they must pass rigorous annual exams to meet the society's high standards for knowledge, integrity and strict ethical conduct.

The store has an AGS accredited diamond grading laboratory to ensure you get the quality of diamond advertised. If any diamond does not meet our rigorous standards then it is returned to the supplier.

La Maison D'or carries thousands of beautiful designer settings to accommodate most price ranges. We also offer a vast selection of quality stones, including FireMark Princess diamonds, Biro 88 facet diamonds and Canadian diamonds.

Custom Design

La Maison D'or also provides on-site design services. Most people don't know they can create their own one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery for about the same price as a manufactured one. The designers can take your idea, rough sketch, photo or even a fond memory and create a piece that will be treasured for a lifetime.