Choosing Your Diamond

A well-cut diamond is a work of art. Each of our diamonds is studied and carefully faceted by skilled craftsmen to bring out its natural light, scintillation, dispersion and ultimately its beauty. There are 4 indicators we use to determine the quality of your diamond. They are known as The FOUR Cs.


The cut of a diamond is graded from 0–10 on the basis of how well the diamond handles the light coming into it from above, with 0 being perfect and 10 giving off less sparkle. New technology allows us to provide the strictest grading ever, few stores can offer this service.


The most prized and rarest diamonds are those without colour. The beauty they possess is due to the remarkable optical properties which allow all the colours of the rainbow to be reflected outward. While the majority of gem diamonds appear to be colourless, almost all contain increasing shades of yellow to brown. Some diamonds, known as 'fancy coloured', show remarkable shades of red, blue, pink, green or amber.


Diamonds have always been prized for their purity – the degree to which they are free of imperfections. Commonly referred to as inclusions, most of these are natural occurences within a pure carbon crystal. The clarity of our diamonds is carefully graded under 10 power magnification in our GEM LAB, and is determined by the number, location and type of inclusion.


The carat is the basic unit of weight measurement for diamonds and is equal to 1/5 of a gram. One carat is divided into 100 points.