A room full of roses. A life full of love.

Who would have thought a blind date could lead you to the love of your life?  It was 20 years ago, and our friend Ray didn't know that fate was aligning for him and his soulmate Angele.  Both looking for love, but sometimes Cupid needs a little nudge in the right direction.  Thanks to a mutual friend Ray and Angele got their nudge and the rest is history.

 Over 20 years ago Ray came to see us with a mission.  He was preparing to sweep the love of his life off her feet and he needed to find her dream ring!  Rita jumped in to help and what would become a long-time friendship was forged.Ring in hand, Ray went home to wait for Angele to return.  She came home to a house full of roses of every colour.  Rose petals scattered through the halls and up the stairs leading the way to the surprise proposal of a lifetime. 

 Over the years Ray has come in to La Maison d'Or to see Rita.  You see, the proposal was only the beginning of their Happily Ever After.  We've had the privilege of becoming Ray and Angele's family jeweller.  There have been gifts for their special occasions, restoration of family heirlooms and we've been honored to meet their son and daughter and celebrate their engagements and marriages.  

 Ray says when they visit, "they are treated like family".  And as family does, he came in to see us this year to let us know of the next upcoming event in his life, retirement!  After 34 years as a driver at OC Transpo, Ray and Angele are moving on to a new and exciting stage in their life.

 As Valentine's Day approaches, we consider what it takes to love for a lifetime and create a life full of joy. Who better to ask than an expert in romantic gestures and surprises planned with love?  Our good friend Ray has this advice, "Fall madly in love with your best friend, and it will be easy to be romantic".  And of course, if you need a little nudge in the right direction, the associates at La Maison d'Or can guide you in creating your own legacy of romantic gestures that will be remembered for a lifetime.

 Thank you Ray and Angele for inviting us to be a part of your love story.