Diamond Alternatives

Throughout history, natural diamonds have been (and continue to be!) the top choice for engagement rings and jewellery. They are durable, come in a massive variety of options, and make fantastic family heirlooms as they are built to last for the generations to come.

However, today we are lucky to have a variety of diamond alternatives available, if you feel like natural diamonds are not the right fit for you.

Take a look at some of our favourite diamond alternatives:


If you've ever seen a moissanite in person, you know there is nothing quite like it!

Discovered as microscopic particles in a crater caused by a meteorite in 1893, this cousin of diamonds from space is now being recreated in a lab as a coveted gemstone. Being doubly refractive, moissanite is a stunning light show!

It breaks light into prismatic colours and reflects white light in all directions. Being made of carbon and silicon, they are very durable at a 9.25 hardness, making them a much better option than a cubic zirconia as a diamond alternative. For these reasons and the very budget-friendly price points, we find some of our clients choose moissanite for the center gemstone on their engagement ring.

Lab Grown Diamond

You’ve seen lab grown diamonds, they are everywhere! They are online, in stores, your friend has one, but what's the deal?

There are many reasons why someone might choose a lab grown diamond as an alternative. We have been happy to help our clients in choosing the best lab grown option for them!

As lab grown diamonds are a relatively new industry, it is constantly changing and there is a large gap of knowledge between what is told to the public and what the industry knows. We want to bridge this gap in knowledge for you to make the absolute best decision and best value purchase for your brand new ring!

We would love to book an appointment in person to give you the full rundown on lab grown diamonds and show you some fantastic options at a competitive price!

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Why Would Someone Choose A Natural Diamond Over An Alternative?

We have many clients coming in and asking this exact question, and the answer truly boils down to individual preferences. Our job as professional jewellers is to inform you of the options and ask the right questions to see what truly matters to you.

Custom Creations

If you have decided that a natural diamond is really not the right fit for you, we can help!

We can set a moissanite, lab grown diamond, or even a coloured gemstone into the custom piece of your dreams!

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