Maple Leaf Diamonds Bridal

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Fully operational by 1998, the Ekati™ diamond mine put Canada on the world diamond map. By 2003, with the then newly discovered Diavik™ mine under full production, Canada became number three in the world by value for diamond production.

Maple Leaf Diamonds™ come from the Ekati, Diavik and Gahcho Kué mines in the Northwest Territories and the Renard mine in Quebec.

Each Maple Leaf Diamond was formed deep within the earth over 3.5 billion years ago and brought to the surface by a violent cataclysmic reaction like nothing we know today. Canadian Diamond fields are recognized as the oldest precisely dated diamonds on Earth, when the planet was still forming its first continents. 

All Maple Leaf Diamonds™ are tracked individually from the rough diamond crystal to the stunning polished diamond to prove Canadian origin. Once the diamond polishing process is complete, it is laser inscribed with the trademarked Maple Leaf Diamonds™ logo and a unique tracking number. Every diamond comes with a certificate of origin, assuring you of its Canadian provenance.

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