Personally Selected Diamonds

“Imagine each diamond being selected just for you!

We choose only GIA certified diamonds. Using our American Gem Society (AGS) accredited gem lab, we inspect and select diamonds for their beauty and value.”



“I love the process of hand selecting diamonds for you.
Each diamond is unique and has its own story, just like each couple.”





A diamond's journey from mine to finger is complex. Yet, every step of the way, Maple Leaf Diamonds' commitment to chain of custody processes - some of them voluntary - assures you the ethical and conflict-free status of the jewellery they craft.

The global jewellery industry works in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and non-government organizations to combat the use of diamonds to finance war or violence against legitimate organizations through the Kimberley Process. Established in 2003, this certification scheme ensures the legitimate origin of rough diamonds. Through the World Diamond Council's System of Warranties, all participants in the Kimberley Process must affirm the rough and polished diamonds they buy or sell are from legitimate sources.

While Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds are in full compliance with the Kimberley Process, they go beyond this usual industry standard. Each Maple Leaf Diamond of 0.30ct or more comes with a certificate guaranteeing origin and that the stone is natural and untreated.


To further ensure confidence in your purchase, Maple Leaf Diamonds' unique tracking system allows their diamonds to be traced back not just to the country of origin but the actual diamond mine from which they were sourced.

Maple Leaf Diamonds are part of the Canadamark hallmark program, and are mainly sourced at either the Ekati or Diavik mines in Canada's pristine Northwest Territories. Meeting strict requirements for responsible mining, Canadamark diamonds are tracked through independent and audited processes at every stage from mine to retail, assuring you that your diamond is authentically Canadian.

To identify your unique stone, Maple Leaf Diamonds laser-inscribes it on the girdle with a diamond identification number (DIN), which is then printed on its certificate of origin. By entering the DIN on their tracking webpage you'll be able to see exactly where your diamond was sourced.

With a Canadian Maple Leaf Diamond, you are assured the symbol of your love and devotion was mined ethically and in accordance with strict Canadian environmental labour laws.


Canada's diamond mines are considered global leaders in sustainability. The Mining Association of Canada's standard, Towards Sustainable Mining, is a globally recognized sustainability program that supports mining companies in managing key environmental and social risks.

Before a project can begin, diamond mining companies operating in Canada are required to place money in escrow every year to be used for reclamation purposes once the mine closes. Over the life of the mine, these amounts can accumulate to hundreds of millions of dollars, and can only be used to restore the land to its previous state.

In just a few years, reclamation can remove nearly all traces of mining activity. For example, kimberlite ore, the rock in which diamonds are found, is processed using recycled water for the most part and without the use of harsh chemicals. After the diamonds are removed, the processed ore is kept so it can be returned to the earth from where it was extracted when the mine closes.

In addition to reclamation, governments and local communities closely monitor the impact of mining operations on animals who live near the mines. Wildlife monitoring programs are not only aimed at detecting potential effects related to mining, but also inform our understanding of the unique species that inhabit the tundra.

Sustainable development is another aspect to mining. In 2012, the Diavik diamond mine installed a 9.2MW wind farm, considered the northernmost in the world. Each year, this wind farm provides up to 10 per cent of the mine's energy needs and replaces about 900,000 gallons of diesel fuel. For this achievement, the Canadian Wind Energy Association awarded Diavik its Group Leadership Award.