Spa Days
Part of Now & Forever Care

No Stress or Worries

The ultimate cleaning and polishing by our professional goldsmith FREE!
Inspection for any loose gemstones FREE!
Update your appraisal to the new increased value for insurance purposes FREE!
Make your personal appointment and have your ring* pampered with the ultimate cleaning and polishing by our professional goldsmith.
*All La Maison d'Or rings with a purchase price over $1,500 are eligible.

Sorry, no drop ins will be accepted without an appointment

Update your 10 Year Guarantee* now to get all the free services above plus free tightening of any loose diamonds or gemstones.

*Your annual inspection is needed to keep your guarantee valid

"I would like to thank you all for patiently waiting for us to reopen our Now and Forever Care Services!"

"We have always been committed to taking care of you for a lifetime, so we are excited to be back!"