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The design team at La Maison d’Or is so proud to invite you to enjoy
a very special jewellery experience
at their unique & beautiful newly-renovated store.


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La Maison d’Or helped us find the wedding rings of our dreams! After searching multiple stores with no success and limited selection for men, we came to La Maison d’Or and were floored. Not only was their selection for men incredible and extensive, but also very affordable! Tracy treated us with genuine kindness, sat with us for over an hour while we looked at everything, and was extremely patient while I tried on multiple rings. She answered all our questions and was very knowledgeable about the different materials and designers. La Maison d’Or offers incomparable service, an outstanding inventory, and takes all the stress out of shopping. I recommend it highly! Thanks Tracy!

Jamie Conway

Friendly, Professional Team

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La Maison D'Or, a delightful family-owned jewelry store, left me enchanted with its exceptional quality and personal touch. Rita's knowledge and warmth made my visit truly memorable. Her passion for the craft and genuine assistance added a special touch to the experience. For a unique and charming jewelry experience, La Maison D'Or is a hidden gem. Thanks to Rita and the team for making my visit extraordinary. Highly recommend!

Jhon Tolentino

In-house Gem Lab

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Thank you for all your help with
the engagement ring and wedding
bands. We love and cherish them.
We couldn’t have found better rings
to represent ourselves.

Frédérick & Sylvain

Twelve Comfortable Seating Areas

My family have been dealing with La Maison d’Or for over 25 years and have always been extremely satisfied with the personal service and pride they provide to us each and every time. Definitely would highly recommend this store to anyone who is looking for excellence all around.

Terry Baltussen

Take a break at the Astoria Café

I highly recommend this place! The staff was very friendly and offered us drinks from their bar. Laura was super helpful, knowledgeable, polite and professional. She was courteous and let me try several rings. Most importantly, she did not make me feel like I was burdening her. Very good experience overall. Thank you for the great service. If you haven't been in, I highly recommend to check them out.


I didn't know what to expect when shopping for an engagement ring. La Maison d'Or offered an impeccable and personal service! The staff was really friendly and offered me a drink as soon as I walked in. Amey was really knowledgeable and friendly. She remembered me every time I walked in and welcomed me with a genuine smile. They have a good diversity of products and I will be a long time customer for sure!

Maxime Labelle

Now & Forever Care

From the moment I walked in to
La Maison d’Or to the moment I
picked up the ring for my future wife,
I was treated with nothing but the
utmost care, respect and professionalism.

Corey Adams


A Family Business


Tucked away in the heart of our city, La Maison d'Or has been a significant part of our lives for over two decades. Twenty-one years ago, Brent Harden, the owner and master jeweler, crafted our wedding and engagement rings, marking the beginning of a lasting relationship with this esteemed establishment. Brent's designs have held a special place in our hearts, symbolizing our journey together with their timeless elegance. Each time we return to La Maison d'Or, it feels like coming home – greeted by familiar faces and exceptional service that has kept us coming back time and again. What sets La Maison d'Or apart is not just the quality of their offerings, but the personal touch they bring to every interaction. From the moment we walk through their doors, we're treated like valued guests, with attentive assistance that goes above and beyond. Our experience with La Maison d'Or speaks volumes about the dedication of its staff and the lasting impact of Brent's craftsmanship. It's more than just a store; it's a place where our memories are celebrated and our connections are cherished. In essence, La Maison d'Or has become an integral part of our story, and we're grateful for the enduring relationship we've built over the years.

Steven MacNaught

The entire staff at Maison D'or are just absolutely lovely. Yesterday, my Mom and I went in and spoke with Tracy who was gracious, kind and an absolute gem for answering all of our million questions about getting jewelry appraised. She and the owner Brent helped us set up an appoint to go over 85 pieces of my Aunt's estate. Today, we went for that appointment and met with Brent. He, out of the kindness of his own heart, did all the pieces for a rough appraisal for free - which he didn't have to. He was very impressed with my Aunt's collection. We set aside a number of pieces for professional and long term appraisal, and he informed us that we didn't have to pay today but upon pick up. We even offered a deposit, but he refused. While we were there, we were checked on, waited on with some water and had a fun time. For one brief moment, it didn't feel like we were going over the Estate jewelry , my Mom and I were just having fun. They offered their condolences, listen to our stories and made us feel like we picked the right place to do our business. 10/10, highly recommend, also their jewelry is so amazing. Definitely a store to come back to for appraisal, and obviously, to shop at. Will be back in the future.

Alexander Mason