Custom Design Magic

Ok, so you know you want a custom ring. You've enthusiastically done your homework and have a huge collection of pictures on your phone of what you like and maybe some examples of what you don't. But that's where you are stuck. There is no perfect ring in sight and although you know you like the the rings in your photo's, they just aren't "the one". That's where the designer steps in. We know the process can appear overwhelming. How can you even begin to ask for something when you can't decide what it looks like? Believe it or not, you know a lot more about it than you think! Sitting down with an experienced designer is the best way to bring all of your ideas together. When you meet your designer, their first and main goal should be to get to know YOU! What you're lifestyle looks like, how you plan to wear your ring, and details about how you met the love of your life will help them to guide you through the little decisions, like how high your center stone should be set, for instance. They will take you through every millimeter of your creation adding in features that you love from your photos, and checking in with you to make sure the design is on track. Sometimes it takes looking at a few different angles and trying out ways to mix all those details you love in a style that works best for you. You will be amazed at the results, because if your designer is doing it right you will feel as though you've been part of a fabulous magic trick. Somehow they've read your mind and your dream ring will appear before your very eyes!