Honey, I shrunk my ring!

Maybe it was because of the hot weather, or the results of a fabulous beer and pizza night. Maybe it was the Covid 15 we all gained during the last few years. Or maybe your ring just shrunk in the wash. No matter how it happened, your ring is stuck on your finger. Now what?
Well first things first, if your finger is turning purple or you have any pain, get to the emergency room right away! This advice won't help for an emergency situation. On the other hand, if your ring is just stuck, and it's been that way for a while, here are a few things to try.
WAIT A FEW HOURS AFTER YOU WAKE UP - you might notice in the morning your rings feel tighter than they do later in the day. Waiting a few hours before trying to get your rings off might be all you need.
COLD HANDS - When your hands cold, your fingers are probably less swollen than they would be when they are warm. So, turn down the thermostat and get a little chilly!
WINDEX - We know, it's weird but hear us out. This is an old jewellers trick. It seems Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding knew exactly what he was taking about! Spray your finger with Windex and see if your ring starts to move a little easier. Somehow this works better than soap, lotion or sanitizer. We have no idea why, but it's a trick we've used for decades.
When all else fails, give us a call. We do have the equipment to cut off your ring. Even though cutting it off can cause damage to the ring, usually it can be fixed and sized like new. So, if you've been stuck for a while, maybe it's time for that intervention. We'd like to help.