Is your pool destroying your ring?

Pool season is coming and we are super excited too! Who doesn't love a quick dip to cool off on a hot day? Or maybe an evening spent in a bubbling hot tub with your beverage of choice? Sounds delightful to everyone, except your ring.
Before you hop in the pool dressed to impress, you should consider leaving your accessories poolside. Chlorine is not your friend when it comes to your jewellery. It attacks the metals that are alloyed with your gold and will, over time, make your gold brittle and weak. This isn't something that can be fixed.
Now, we know you love how gorgeous and sparkly your diamonds look when you jump back out of that hot tub! So instead of a dip in your spa, bring it to ours! We will always clean your favorite piece of jewellery for you at no charge, on-site, no appointment required. You can come as often as you like and our cleaning process is always safe. So next time you are visiting Place d'Orleans, pop by for a visit and we will get your ring looking it's best for you!
Photo by Angelo Pantazis (Unsplash)