Jewellery and Safe Travels

Have you got travel on your mind? We sure do! After years of uncertainty and playing it safe it's time to cut loose and go on that vacation you've been dreaming of! But is it safe to bring your wedding set along on your adventure? Sometimes it's not worth the risk. There are some great solutions out there that will make sure you are stylish and carefree!
Let's start with a travelling ring! Your partner wants the world to know your taken, so don't leave that finger bare. Small diamond bands are a great option. Starting under $1000 you can have a ring that says you're spoken for that doesn't break the bank. And for the guys we have great collection of sports bands that are stylish and practical.
Another great buy, especially if you have busy days and fancy nights are a pair of reversible diamond huggie hoops. Gleaming polished gold on one side is perfect day wear and then flip them around for sparkling glamor, and you're ready to party well into the night. These earrings have a locking mechanism and since you have two pairs in one, they never have to leave your ears.
Traveling with jewellery shouldn't put a dark cloud over the brilliant sunshine you've been missing! Let us help you find a few innovative pieces that will keep you trendy and ready for whatever adventures your future holds.
(Photo by Danijela Prijovic Unsplash)