Moissanite Might!

Moissanite - a gift from the stars!  If you've ever seen a moissanite in person, you know there is nothing quite like it.  Discovered as microscopic particles in a crater caused by a meteorite in 1893, this cousin of diamonds from space is now being recreated in a lab as a coveted gemstone.  Being doubly refractive, moissanite is a stunning light show!  It breaks light in to prismatic colours and reflects white light in all directions.  Being made of carbon and silicon they are very durable at a 9.25 hardness making them a much better option than a cubic zirconia as a diamond alternative.  Nothing compares to the beauty of a diamond, but its cousin, moissanite, is a fabulous option for anyone wanting a stand in for a big diamond at a fantastic price!

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