Precious Mementos - Melanie and Brad's Story

Jewellery is one of the few things in life that is truly a forever purchase.  As you go through your journey each heirloom piece is imprinted with a memory, a feeling, or a promise for the future.  Metal and stones turn to magic in Melanie and Brad's story.  From Melanie's grand mother passing along a treasured heirloom to be worn on their wedding day to very personally designed wedding bands that will be a story to tell the next generation, Brad and Melanie have experienced how these special pieces can elevate a special moment to a family legacy told by generations to come.
Here is Melanie and Brad's Story:
"My husband and I first met through friends back in 2017, funny enough we both caught each other’s eye right away but neither said anything. (Something we would only find out years later!) With the help of technology, we kept in touch through the years.
Fast forward to 2022, Brad stumbled on my Facebook page and decided he would finally send me that message he had been thinking about for so long and asked me on a date. We went on our first date and both immediately remembered why we had that instant connection so long ago. From then on, we were together every second day if not every single day and after three short months, Brad pulled out a ring and proposed to me in the middle of the Trius vineyard in Niagara Falls (right!! For someone who took 5 years to ask me on a date, he wasted no time proposing!)
From that day on, we planned our dream wedding at Evermore in Almonte, ON complete with my gorgeous wedding band (La Maison d’Or, 2022) and Brad’s long thought out, custom designed, La Maison d’Or wedding band (2023). To make a sweet moment even better, we decided that the first time he would see his custom creation would be at the altar and I can assure you first hand, he was truly blown away with the care and attention to detail that went into creating his ring.
On top of the special details we included in our wedding day, my grandmother surprised me with an extremely thoughtful gift of her La Maison d’Or “V” bangle bracelet signifying my maiden name. A bracelet that my grandfather purchased for her at the original LMD in Hawkesbury in 1987 for their 30th wedding anniversary. 
We are now nearly one year into our marriage and have been through so many beautiful milestones together like buying our first home together and taking many special trips. We are so grateful for our unique story and how it came about and for the part La Maison d’Or has played in it as well. Including the recent purchase of Brad’s sister and her soon to be husband’s wedding bands that they will wear once they say “I do” in 2025!
We’re looking forward to many beautiful years and moments together, and many visits to LMD!"
Thank you Melanie and Brad for showing us that each piece of jewellery we create has a journey.  We are so happy to know the pieces you and your family have purchased from us over the years have brought you all such joy and are excited to help you create your next family heirloom!