Shout it From The Mountain Top! - Alison and Zac's Story

Sometimes life throws a curve ball, and sometimes, the obstacles seem insurmountable.  But when it's true love, you always find a way through.  No one knows this better than Alison and Zac.  From a mountainous climb, a pandemic, and a terrifying illness, to a vow renewal, these two have learned how to navigate through the toughest storms life has to offer.  Here is their journey so far:
"We got engaged in June 2019. We were out west and I was showing my (at the time) boyfriend my favourite place in the world- Vancouver island. My grandparents live there and we were staying with them:). 
We had an insane hike (took the wrong path) and ended up having to four point climb- all while my boyfriend, Zac, unknowingly to me, had my engagement ring in his pocket! 
He proposed at the top of the mountain and it was beyond perfect. We got to celebrate with my grandparents which was so special- that was actually the last time I had with my grandfather before he passed and it will forever be a special memory. 
Due to Covid, we never actually had our big wedding (thought we did tie the knot in 2019 at the courthouse). My husband is American so we did it to speed up paperwork, not knowing that would end up being our wedding! 
Fast forward to now, we will be hosting a vow renewal for our 5th anniversary and have a beautiful daughter, Logan, and I am pregnant with another one on the way in November:). 
This celebration will be beyond special considering I overcame my battle with Bone Cancer last year and Zac was such an incredible support system, by my side the whole time. 
We cannot wait to FINALLY celebrate and add another La Maison d’Or ring to my engagement + wedding band!
Thank you for being such an honest and wonderful local business!!"
Congratulations Alison and Zac on a truly epic start to your journey together.  Thank you for allowing us to help you celebrate your love story and mark your special moments with jewellery that will always remind you that it is not in fact, the destination, but the journey that counts!