The Adams Family's Story

The true value of a multi-generational family business is knowing there will always be someone here to take care of you, your family and your heirlooms, no matter when you visit.  No one knows this better than the Adams Family. 
It all started with Mr. Adams Senior walked through the doors. With a huge smile and a deep powerful voice, he was full of energy!  He was very engaging and right away, knew he wanted to find a special gift for Patricia, the love of his life.
From that first start, over many years, we have seen two more generations purchase their engagement rings from us.  It has been a delight and an honor to be invited to share in some the Adams Family's happiest moments.
This year, to celebrate our own 45/75 anniversary, we decided to throw a special private event as a special thank you to all of the Adams Family members for their support over the years.  The evening was lovely!  With food and drinks, gifts of jewellery, a speech from Brent, Owner of La Maison d'Or, a draw for gorgeous diamond hoop earrings and four generations of Adams' and three generations of Hardens in attendance.
In a world where many things are made to be fast, inexpensive and last just long enough to get past the manufacturer's warranty, we hold on tight to our old-fashioned values.  We make our jewellery with only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and it is meant to last for generations. So, when it comes time to make your special piece a family heirloom and resize it for the next generation, you can count on us to be here for that too.
We have had the pleasure of meeting many Adams family members over the years and we are delighted to continue to be here to serve them for decades to come!
A message from the Adams Family:

Brent, Jessica, Rita, Liisa, Arpi, Laura, and the Amazing Maison D'Or Family,

On behalf of the Adams family, we cannot thank you enough for the great kindness that you have shown to us in honour of our father. As we all discussed the celebration during, and after the event, our emotions overtook us as we thought of how happy our dad would be to see such a gathering. Like you Brent, he was always about family. Brent when you shared the impact of seeing dad's smiling face and hearing his booming voice, we all got choked up with that beautiful memory. Brent, you said that first encounter with dad was 'engraved' in your mind, well your kindness and generosity to our family over the years is 'engraved' in our minds and hearts. La Maison D'Or is an incredible business with a beautiful legacy, one that pays homage to the past in such a respectful way with love. Seeing the history of your family is a testament of your values today. We more than congratulate you and the La Maison D'Or family on achieving this incredible milestone of 75 years of service in the jewelry business. You sell precious stones, but the brightest and most brilliant part of your establishment is you and your team - your family.

With all of our love, appreciation and respect.

The Adams Family