How much does an engagement ring cost?

So, it's time to get engaged, but before you pop the question, you have a big question of your own. "What is an acceptable price for an engagement ring?" And the answer might surprise you! It doesn't really matter. As always, the sentiment is first and foremost what will capture your Loves heart. What matters more is that you find a jeweller who will be an ally in helping you to find everything you are hoping for, in a price range that is comfortable for your lifestyle. At La Maison d'Or Jewellers, we don't want price to ever get in the way of getting your perfect ring. So, we have built our collection around designs that can be tailored to your preferences.  We carry diamonds of all sizes and qualities as well as lab grown diamonds and moissanites. So, whatever your budget, we suggest you first find a style you love and then, let us work with you to find a solution to putting it into your preferred price point and getting you quality and workmanship that will last you for all of your "Happily Ever After".  Whether you are looking for something small and delicate or prefer a ring that rivals your favourite celebrities red carpet design, we've got you covered!