Why are engagement rings so expensive?!

Have you ever experienced that sticker shock when looking at a beautiful diamond ring and wondered what makes an engagement ring so expensive? There are so many reasons that an engagement ring costs what it does! For instance, did you know that a 1.00ct diamond is so incredibly rare that it takes mining one million diamonds to find one single gem quality 1.00ct stone? It takes tons of ore to get a single ounce of gold, and finding platinum can take 11 tons of ore and up to 6 months to acquire just one ounce. So at this point our miners have literally moved mountains just to get the raw materials before the craftsmanship even starts! That beautiful ring you love, probably took anywhere from 20-40 hours to design, cast, set, polish and detail to perfection. So really, it's a marvel that the cost is as affordable as it is! At LMD our collection of diamonds is always hand chosen to make sure you are getting something that is rare, valuable and unique, in the price point that you are hoping for.  Our craftsmanship is meant to last a lifetime and is absolutely worth the investment in the long run.